fashion style tips on how to wear a white jean

1. With a flannel or plaid shirt – a bright belt makes this look pop even more. 

how to wear white jeans


2. The leopard print is a complicated fabric so it will be fun to rock the print with a white jean to tone it down.

3. A fitted blazer will give the outfit a professional and crisp look.
4. Neon is a skin picky color and that makes it hard to wear but it’s amazing when u pair it with a white jean.
5. Sometimes all you just need is a black top and classy accessories.


6. To give the high waist white jean a matured look, pair it with a crop top and a blazer jacket giving you an on- trend ensemble.

7. You can do white on white with grey touches for the same effect.
8. The cameo print is just like the animal print, to tone it down you will need a pair of white jean for an effortless look

9. Toughen your look with a black leather jacket.

10. Pair them with pastels and denim jacket.


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